The French Spaniel represents nobility, due to the harmony in its proportions and the pureness in its lines. Its muscles show the energy and the stamina suited for hunting. The bone structure is strong, without being rough. Once the hunt is over, its gentleness is well known, and its patience and astuteness with the children, make it a surprising companion, well appreciated in the household

Concerning the French Spaniel…

Paul Émile Lefebvre not only helped making this breed known in Quebec, but also contributed to the advancement of this wonderful breed. This, breeding dogs of a well above average quality, in his own breeding activity, located in Rawdon, and going many times in Europe, in order to discover quality specimens for importation for the improvement of the breed. All this while, for many years, being vice president of the French Spaniel Club.

Breed's standards

  • Its height is from 56 to 61 cm for the male.

  • From 54 to 59 cm for the female.

  • Its head is moderately long and large, wore with a marked stop, without excess, a nose well defined and widely opened nostrils.
  • A dark amber soft look.
  • It hunts in prairies, as well as in swamps.
  • It hunts no matter what prey, feathers or fur.