Breed's standards

The Great Dane, in its features, shows dignity, strength and elegance, with its high stature and its powerful body, well shaped and muscular. It belongs to one of the giant breeds within the working dogs, but it is the only one, due to its general constitution, that must be well balanced, never appearing to be clumsy. It is considered as the dogs's APOLLO. It must therefore inspire courage, be friendly and confident.

This physical and mental combination is the characteristic that gives the Great Dane its majesty. What is particularly true about this breed, is that there is a sensation of great masculinity in its male dogs, as well as an impression of femininity in its females.

Breed's standards

    Stature, Proportion, Substance

  • The male must be more massive than the female, with a large frame and a heavier bone structure.

  • The Great Dane must be right angled.

  • The females have a longer body. It is normal, as long as the length is proportional to the height, the excess or the lack of substance are undesirable.

  • The male must not be less than 32 inches , shoulder's height, if it is suited to its height.

  • The female must not be less than 28 inches , shoulder's height, but it is preferred to be 30 inches or over, as long as it is suited to its height.

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